Study visit at the Polytechnic University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino), March 21st-23rd, 2018

The Polytechnic University of Turin hosted a study visit and accompanying meeting of the PESHES consortium between March 21 and 23, 2018. This meeting and the whole visit were dedicated to the analysis of the key performance indicators (KPI) at the Polytechnic University and generally at the higher education level in Italy. During the meeting, several valuable sessions were held on key performance indicators and supporting performance based evaluation.
Finally, ongoing activities inside coordination and dissemination packages were presented by its leaders.
Representatives from the Turin Polytechnic focused their presentations around key performance indicators in higher education, performance based evaluation and data collection system in Italy, and shared their experience with evaluations and data analysis in general. Their practices and knowledge
are a precious insight into the process that the Polytechnic successfully implemented in the past.
Very interesting and important parts of the agenda were visits to the business incubator and catalysis laboratory, both inside the University. Business incubator serves as a place where best ideas, initiatives and early research results are initially shaped into sustainable business models and start-ups. On
the other hand, the catalysis laboratory with its complex procedures and advanced equipment is giving students on different levels a crucial advantage in learning, practicing and preparing themselves for the work inside strong automotive industry of the whole Piedmont region and beyond.
Further analysis of the key performance indicators, based on several European models and practices, will continue at forthcoming study visit to the University of Twente, in June 2018.