ERASMUS+ Advisory Monitoring Visit to PESHES Project

The monitoring visit for the PESHES project will be implemented by the national Erasmus+ office on Monday, December 17, at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law.  The purpose of the visit is to learn about the activities realised and products developed so far, as well as to observe if the project has encountered any problems in operational or financial implementation that can be discussed and solved. The issues to be addressed will concern the organization of the project teams within the partnership in terms of composition, periodicity of meetings, coverage of the partnership agreement, distribution and monitoring of tasks (responsibility for the different work packages). The partners of the projects will also be asked to present the activities carried out and results achieved. Particular attention will be given to the impact/visibility of the project in the partner country institutions and their environment, as well as to aspects related to the project dissemination and sustainability strategy, and the activities carried out so far in this respect (including a presentation of the project website). At the end of the visit, the first informal feedback will be given to all present partners of the project.