The project „Development and implementation of system for performance evaluation for Serbian HEIs and system – PESHES“ has wider objective Improvement of management, operation and quality of higher education institutions and system in Serbia. In order to fulfil the general objective project has specific objectives to define and implement indicators and measures for performance based evaluation of higher education institutions and system as a basis for value based management in Serbian HEIs and system; Structuring and pilot implementation of the system for ranking of institutions and study programs and Introduction of performance measurement in accreditation and reaccreditation of study programs and HEIs. The project is structured as project of structural measures and project is national (Serbia). Project is under priority of “Improving management and operation of higher education institutions” in category Quality assurance processes and mechanisms.

The idea of the project, as well as goals and outcomes are connected with two the most important documents in Republic of Serbia. The first one is “Education Development Strategy in Serbia until 2020” ( and second one “Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy for Development of Education in Serbia by 2020”.

Analyzing the document “Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy for Development of Education in Serbia by 2020”, this project is focused on the first place on “Higher Education – Joint action”, particularly action with code VO-ZD 09 "Introduction of quality indicators in Higher education". This particular action has following implementation action (according to Strategy and Action plan): (1) Definition of set of indicators for monitoring of condition of HE, (2) Improvement of accreditation standards, (3) Development of model for implementation of indicators (information system). We developed project proposal that is strictly focused on this action so our work package 2 corresponds to (1) and working package 3 corresponds to (3) and working package 4 corresponds to (2). In addition this project partly covers set of actions from “Higher Education – Joint action” (VO-ZD 08 Improvement of public responsibility of HE for quality of education, VO-ZD 21 Improvement of approach students’ centric education, VO-ZD 24 Improvement of cooperation with employers, business and industry, VO-ZD 25 Improvement of research component of HE and VO-ZD 26 Improvement of innovation potential and innovation outcomes). On the second place project is focused on “Academic studies (bachelor and master), action VO-AC05 “Introduction of ranking of study programs” with implementation actions: (1) Definition of set of indicators, (2) Analysis of different ranking programs (based on opinion of employers as well as based on knowledge of students), (3) Systematic inclusion of employers in procedure of evaluation and ranking (4) Establishment of Manual for ranking of study programs. All this implementation activities are covered by specific working packages and results of specific project activities will define these outcomes. (Please refer to working packages 1, 2 and 4). On the third place the project will contribute to “Financing of Education - University education”, action FO-VO14 “Development of model of financing with integration of indicators for measurement of quality of education process”. The results of the project will contribute to decision and regulations of Ministry of education, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia and to experts’ teams.

According to this analysis it is clear that project proposal has goals and aims to fulfill specific actions stated in “Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy for Development of Education in Serbia by 2020”.

In addition in order to underline importance of this topic of education, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia in cooperation with Expert team for reform of Higher Education organized conference “Informative day about indicators for measurement of performance of higher education – the road to the new model of financing and ranking of study programs” that was held on November 24, 2015. The goal of the meeting was beginning of discussion about possible models of financing of higher education based on indicators as a part of introduction of Higher education law. The minister of Serbian government open that meeting stating importance of performance based management as well as introduction of quality indicators in Higher education (

From everything stated above it is absolutely clear that proposed project with its goals, working packages, and potential outcomes strictly corresponds to actions and priorities of Action Plan. The suggested project idea is very important for Serbian higher education institutions and systems as whole and this fact has been stated by Minister of Serbian government as well as stated by support of Ministry for realization of this project.

University of Belgrade - UBG
Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Project coordiantor
dr Sima Avramović