The participants in the project have been carefully selected in order to provide specific skills, expertise and competences relating to planned project activities. On the first place all Serbian state Universities are included in this project (University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad, University of Nis, University of Kragujevac and University of Novi Pazar). Singidunum University is included in the consortium as the representative of privately owned higher education institutions. All this universities need to ensure that project results will be implemented at all state universities as well that all different point of view will be included in the development phase. In the process of definition and implementation of approach based on indicators, in evaluation of higher education institutions different stakeholders should be involved according to both “Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy for Development of Education in Serbia by 2020” and experiences of EU countries’ partners.

The following partners will be included: Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia in order to provide different statistical information that are important In the process of setting key performance indicators as well as in the process of monitoring of different indicators; National Employment Bureau that will provide data about employability, unemployment and provide connection with employers; Ministry of education, science and technological development will support the realization of the project on the one side and will use project results in implantation of different actions on the national level; Serbian Universities and CPN will provide dissemination of the project results on all academic institutions in Serbia, CAASS Conference of vocational educational institutions in Serbia will use experience gained in the project for setting the environment for vocational studies; National Council for Higher Education that will monitor and use results in development of regulative and suggestions for higher education. The following EU partners will contribute to realization of this project: University of Twente, (Center for Higher Education Policy Studies) Holland has large experience in the field of higher education financing, trends, strategies and performance orientation as well as management of the project U-Multirank and its uses for institutional management; University of Rijeka, Croatia was selected because Croatia has recently developed specific system for performance measurement and interconnected that system with financing of HE, so Serbian Ministry of education science and technological development suggested Croatia as model; Univeristy of Valencia has great experince in defining European indicators and ranking methodology for University and finally University of Torino, Italy was selected because their experience in this filed. It is clear that all partners have been selected according their skills and potential role in the project, national models and leading roles in similar projects.

University of Belgrade - UBG
Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Project coordiantor
dr Sima Avramović