Quality control and monitoring of project activities and results will be performed continuously throughout the whole duration of the project and evaluated at several levels. At the highest level, the quality of all phases and activities of this project will be monitored and supervised by the PCB, which will consist of all the partners in the project. On the other levels NPCT will perform quality control and monitoring. To assure quality control and monitoring, the creation of written documents about every project activity will be performed in accordance with the best practice and quality planning, designed according to ISO 9001:2008. Using selected quality control and monitoring techniques and tools we will monitor and control:

  1. Processes and activities during the project realization, and after, as a part of project sustainability,
  2. Quality of deliverables,
  3. Stakeholders and users satisfaction of developed project results,
  4. Quality of management and quality of financial management.

Quality assurance, control, monitoring and management are essential for a high quality of project deliverables. All deliverables will be evaluated, their quality tracked and monitored and improved if it is necessary.

Yearly evaluations by EU personnel, will be used to assess project achievements, and highlight possible areas of modification within the project framework. Besides that, quality-review and evaluations will be performed twice a year by NPCT.

Quality assurance, control and monitoring will be performed by all participants in the project consortium and at all levels. A special working group will create, implement, monitor and evaluate project quality policy from all aspects. This body will develop a time schedule for each activity with a definition of dead-lines – dates when the activity milestones will be checked. Activity monitoring will include regular reporting and evaluation. The quality system has to ensure transparency and traceability.

QUALITY PLAN: Quality planning, control and monitoring

5.1 Establishment of quality assurance work group

5.2 Providing an external quality audit

5.3 Ensuring regular quality control and monitoring

5.4 Inter-project coaching activities

University of Belgrade - UBG
Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Project coordiantor
dr Sima Avramović