The project activities and working methodology has been developed according to stated aim, wider and specific objectives in order to achieve the objectives as well as measurable milestones. The set of measurable indicators was defined in order to provide monitoring, quality control and management of project processes and results. The project consists of one preparation work package, three development forming packages as well as packages that have quality planning, dissemination and sustainability and management in the focus. Generally project is has tree parts: the preparation part with further analysis of present situation in Serbia, analysis of experiences from EU, the development part that cover development and implementation of set of performances, models as well as information and communication support, the pilot implementation will be carried out in this part. Finally the third part will have focus on provide normative solutions and acts.

In the first step the goal is establishment of infrastructure for the development of system for performance based evaluation in Serbia. This goal will be realized through several actions. In the first one, “Analysis of the needs and priorities in Serbian society and local economy”, will provide analysis and framework for dialogue with different stakeholders about actual needs and development directions in the field of value based management of Higher education institutions and system. On the other side another set of stakeholders will be included in this process through analysis of students’ and academics’ needs and priorities. In order to provide support from Universities it is important to improve capacities of Universities to monitor and measure specific performances. In this step the basis for development of ICT solution will be made, through purchase of specific equipment and starting of software solution development. Starting from the fact that different countries in EU have different systems it is necessary to provide analysis of performance based evaluation in EU. The second step Development of system for profiling and raking of institutions and study programs in Serbia will be based on the results and analysis from previous step. First of all it is important to define key processes and selected fields at HEI in Serbia, set of KPI (key performance indicators) at selected fields. Definition of key processes and its decomposition will provide the bases for development and optimization of the set of performance indicators for study programs, institutions and HIE system as whole. Finally, based on the previous activities it will be possible development of the model for profiling and ranking of study programs and HIE institutions in Serbia. The developed model for ranking of study programs and institutions will be based on the valid key performance indicators, which will be representation of specific processes. On the other hand the model for ranking of study programs and institutions will use the best practice gained through analysis of EU models and demands of specific stakeholders (government, employers, students and academic community as well). The third step is also connected with national Action plan and have goal to develop ICT for support of stakeholders needs and data presentation. It is very important to fulfil several objectives: to provide ICT support that will provide a software environment for ranking and presentation of the level of performances for different institutions and study programs as well as to provide data acquisition and public access to all information (for all interested parties). This goal will be achieved through: Development of ICT solution for data acquisition and ranking of study programs and institutions (Software); Training, organization and implementation of the ICT system at national level (Training); Presentation of the tools that will meet needs of students, labour market and society (Events); Pilot testing, verification and validation of the system on the selected study programs and institution (Events, Report) The final stage is development of institutional background for developed system as well as development of basis for value based management in Serbian HEIs and system. This will be achieved through: Development and adoption of performance based evaluation for HIE management at institutional and national level (Report); Introduction of performance measurement in accreditation standards (Report); Contribution to the HEI funding system (Report); Networking developed system with stakeholders (Other);

The dissemination of the project results will be very important from many different reasons. The first one because number of Universities will perform same activity in development and implementation of system for rakning of study programs and institutions which is very important issue not only for academic society but for society in large. Dissemination will be performed to organization of meetings with academic and nonacademic representative, organization of promotion activities and development of project web site that will contain all developed material, reports, directions that could serve to the public in Serbia but also to institutions and public at Western Balkan Counties (at least). All project results, outcomes, and activities will be measured and asset in order to fulfill certain quality, level. Team for quality assurance will be established with mentioned task as well as to control quality of management and financial management. External quality audit is also planned. The project, will be finally managed through Project consortium board (3 meetings), National consortium board (6 meetings) as well as every day activities at institution level. The financial management of the project will be submitted to external financial audit.

University of Belgrade - UBG
Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Project coordiantor
dr Sima Avramović