All dissemination activities will be planed and scheduled in Dissemination plan that will be developed by working group and adopted at project consortium meeting. Dissemination activity will be realized through: Design of dissemination activities (covering realization of media promotions and the development of the web-site) in order to inform students (and other stakeholders) about new multi-dimensional ranking of study programs and institutions; Realization of meetings with future students and enterprise representatives, Publication and printing material. Other dissemination activities will cover: (1) Correspondence with other institutions to distribute information and knowledge about the current project. (2) Publishing CDs giving project details and information. (3) Printing and publishing brochures. (4) Holding several meetings and workshops for students, faculties, employees, teachers, specialists in the sectors. (5) Information about project activities that will be printed regularly. (6) The complete project will be disseminated in a report containing the project definition, assessment results, recommendations, and suggestions. (7) Organizing public relations meetings.

The main idea is that all target groups should be affected in the project dissemination plan and with project dissemination activities. The target groups are: students, academic staff at partner intuitions, business entities and organizations in Serbia (at local, regional and national level) as well as the similar target groups at the level of consortium members’ countries and countries from the region of the West Balkan Countries. All partners in the project consortium will have their responsibilities for the dissemination of the project results. Since the project management are organized on the three levels: project consortium board, national (Serbia) and institutional level, each level will have its responsibilities in dissemination of the project results. PCB will have tacks to control all dissemination activities according to dissemination plan at to enable international dissemination at level of EU partners and WBC. At national level NCB will have responsibility for dissemination of project results on the level of Serbia as well as dissemination of results among non academic institutions (industry, business entities, …) and working teams at institutions will have tasks to disseminate results among teaching staff and students as well as partners from industry. All of them will use previously mentioned means.


The project has high level of sustainability because it is absed on real neds of educational system in Serbia and potential outcomes are detaliedy described and connected with outcomes from “Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy for Development of Education in Serbia by 2020” This is reason why the project is supported by Ministry of education, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia. The Government of Republic of Serbia and its Ministry clearly stated that higher education system will be directed toward performance based management as well as performance based funding and performance agreement. The sustainiability will be ensured through changies of accreditation standards. Standard 11 will be changed by introduction of obligation for HES to implement performance measurement system for their study programs and institutons. During the reacreditation and acreditation HES will adopt parformance measurement approach. In the one cycle of reacreditation all institutions will have system implementerd. This fact will ensure that whol educational system is covered. On the other hand Government has been directing the Universities to rank as well as to provide multi dimensional ranking of their study programs. It is clear that planned project results as well as this project represent the important step in these directions, so it is clear that project results will be widely used as important step in further development and improvement of Serbian higher education system. On the other hand it this situation the higher educational institutions will be directed by government toward implementation and maintenance of the specific system for raking and public presentation of the results of ranking of study programs and institutions.

DISSEMINATION & EXPLOITATION: Dissemination and exploitation of results

6.1 Organization of seminars, meetings and symposia

6.2 Preparation and realisation of promotional activities

6.3 Maintaining a project web-site

6.4 Awareness campaign at Universities and other stakeholders

University of Belgrade - UBG
Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Project coordiantor
dr Sima Avramović