Planned activities

PREPARATION: Establishment of infrastructure for the development of system for performance based evaluation

1.1 Analysis of the needs and priorities society and local economy

1.2 Sudents’ and academics’ needs and priorities

1.3 Improvemed Universities capacity

1.4 Analysis of performance based evaluation in EU

DEVELOPMENT: Development of system for performance evaluation, profiling and multi-raking

2.1 Definition of the key processes and selected fields

2.2 Definition of the set of KPI

2.3 Optimization of the set of performance indicators

2.4 Development of the model for profiling and multiranking

DEVELOPMENT: Development of ICT for support

3.1 Development of ICT solution for data acquisition and multidimensional ranking of study programs and institutions

3.2 Training, oganization and implementation of the ICT system at national level

3.3 Presentation of the tools that will meet needs of students, labour market and society

3.4 Pilot testing, verification and validation of the system

DEVELOPMENT: Institutionalisation of results and development of basis for value based management

4.1 DDevelopment and adoption of performance based evaluation

4.2 Introduction of performance measurement in accreditation standards

4.3 Contribution to the HEI funding system

4.4 Networked developed system with stakeholders

QUALITY PLAN: Quality planning, control and monitoring

5.1 Establishment of quality assurance work group

5.2 Providing an external quality audit

5.3 Ensuring regular quality control and monitoring

5.4 Inter-project coaching activities

DISSEMINATION & EXPLOITATION: Dissemination and exploitation of results

6.1 Organization of seminars, meetings and symposia

6.2 Preparation and realisation of promotional activities

6.3 Maintaining a project web-site

6.4 Awareness campaign at Universities and other stakeholders

MANAGEMENT: Project management

7.1 Daily management of project processes

7.2 Organization of regular SC meetings

7.3 Preparing documentation on reporting

University of Belgrade - UBG
Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Project coordiantor
dr Sima Avramović