In order to achieve cost effectiveness numerous of measures will be implemented: organization of larger study visits to each EU university once, instead of several smaller visits with own bus transportation instead of air planes; combining of several activities within each mobility - every visit have its prime purpose but also other activities will be organized and realized (management activities, trainings, coordination, conferences and round table participations, quality control, etc.); staff cost is rationale bearing in mind activities number and volume that need to be realized; every deliverable have defined financial inputs but number of them have very small requirements as they would be combined with other, sharing resources fro staff, travel and P&P (meetings, promotions, trainings, workshops, campaigns, fairs,…); equipment purchase will be realized on base of joint purchase.

Budget for this project is balanced, harmonized among partners and among working packages. Domestic university partners have equal share in funds categories, except increased staff cost for UBG due to significant project management tasks. University of Belgrade as grant holder will have the main responsibilities in the project management and they will assure existence of external financial revision in order to provide the highest quality of financial and operational management. Some partners SORS and NES do not have staff cost because they are not eligilbe for staff costs from EU projects (according to their internal rules). EU partners are fully balanced among each other with significant share in complete budget and with no co-financing obligations, but on the other hand their budget is fully realistic compared to their tasks and obligations. Partners from Serbia will provide co-financing through participation in work, local mobility (in Serbia) as well as participation in printing and publishing costs for the materials that will be developed for the purpose of this project.

University of Belgrade - UBG
Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Project coordiantor
dr Sima Avramović