Kickoff meeting, 12/12/2016

The kick off meeting for ERASMUS+ PESHES project will be held on December 12, 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. All partners will participate on that event, presenting their Universities and current issues on their Universities. Other important issues will be also addressed such as: management, financial issues, reporting, and quality management. Kickoff meeting Agenda

Project's objectives

The wider objective of this project is to achieve improvement of management, operation and quality of higher education institutions and system in Serbia. The specific objectives of the project are definition and implementation of indicators and measures for performance based evaluation of higher education institutions and system as a basis for value based management in Serbian HEIs and system; structuring and pilot implementation of the system for ranking of institutions and study programs; introduction of performance measurement in accreditation and re-accreditation of study programs and HEIs.

The realizing of these objectives should improve of quality of education by fulfilling tasks defined in National Strategy of education and National Action Plan. Also, it should improve the performance in core activities of HEIs – higher quality and to modernize and improve the financing of education at the University.

Web site, 05/12/2016

ERASMUS+ PESHES web site was developed and published on December 05, 2016. All inforamtion about project and project's activities will be published on this web address.

University of Belgrade - UBG
Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Project coordiantor
dr Sima Avramović